Hello, I am a suburban dad married to a wonderful wife with three little girls. We have a four year old and twin three year olds. I have been home with them since they were born and it has lead to a life I could never have understood until now.
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Line in the sand from India to U.S.

The original purpose of this blog was to share my experiences of having three daughters.  I  have purposely avoided anything deemed controversial in subject matter.  My next piece, I have discovered, follows that edict to the letter. Recently, I spent close to 17 days in India.  While this was a life changing experience, it did … Continue reading


Within a week all three of our girls were registered for school.  I have to repeat that to myself over and over.  All three are going to be in school.  In just a few months the period of life defined by the location of our house will never be the same. This includes a primary … Continue reading

Joke Heard Round Our House

Knock, knock: Who’s there: chickenpoop!     giggle giggle giggle   Have a good day!

Irish Triplets

The twins won a spot in the Pre-K program lottery yesterday!  It is the same program that our oldest is currently enrolled in this year. Last year, my wife and I attended the live drawing together in nervous anticipation.  Like any first experience, we were not sure what was to come.  All wide-eyed and curious, … Continue reading

From twins to triplets

It’s not the spectacle that it once was to see twins in public.  Especially since today’s birthrate for twins is about 1 in 77 births.  People can still be caught glancing a curious stare, but not as often as when we have our 5 year old out at the same time. In our community that … Continue reading


My little girl, my precious baby, my pumpkin turned 5 recently.  Can someone please explain to me how that happened?  I know all those with older children have the right to look upon this as naiveté and with the advice that it only gets faster.  However, I am still allowed to put up a fuss about … Continue reading

Being out numbered during football season.

Today is the first day of September,  it is the 244th day of the year, and it is the first day of College Football!  It is a day that in my past years was greeted with male bonding high fives.  Pick’em pools would have already circled around my Grandpa’s family.  Let’s not forget that plans … Continue reading

Circle of Life

My oldest started Pre – K this week and it has done it’s required job of kicking me sideways.  The anxiety, the stress, and the sadness made for an interesting week.  You see, my father was also admitted to the ICU for a heart attack and possible pneumonia. My daughter is in pre – k, … Continue reading

Nail Salons and the pool on a work day

My current work schedule has all my free time front loaded.  In other words I get to spend time with the three little girls in the morning.  Today I took them to the YMCA.  In the span of three hours they spent time in the play center and went swimming in the outdoor pool.  For … Continue reading

The day of the dog

I guess the heat is getting to me.  The kids are all washed up with leave in conditioner in their hair and baby lotion on their skin.  Getting  them as comfortable as possible was important. One of my heat induced daydreams was about a recent trip I took.  It all started (start the wavy tv … Continue reading

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