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Line in the sand from India to U.S.

The original purpose of this blog was to share my experiences of having three daughters.  I  have purposely avoided anything deemed controversial in subject matter.  My next piece, I have discovered, follows that edict to the letter.

Recently, I spent close to 17 days in India.  While this was a life changing experience, it did not change my opinion but merely confirmed it.

Universal healthcare is not an option to discuss.  No matter how much the current media outlets would lead you to believe.  Nor is it something we can deny the people of the world like the current Republican party line states.

Elderly people are not freeloaders trying to take advantage of tax dollars such as Medicare and Medicaid. 

Cancer patients are not lazy unemployed people looking for entitlement programs.

The only “death panels” that are currently in our society are hospital boards that decide not to treat patients regardless of their condition because they do not have private insurance.

If the fiscal responsibility to take care of your fellow man is to much to ask then I have to believe that I have evolved past you.  It is an essential fiber of my make up to help those I see as in need of any help.

This is what my young children already know, and something I will help develop in their personalities.


About fatherofthreelittlegirls

Hello, I am a suburban dad married to a wonderful wife with three little girls. We have a four year old and twin three year olds. I have been home with them since they were born and it has lead to a life I could never have understood until now.


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